Con Edison's New Smart Detectors Discover 68 Serious Natural Gas Leaks

"The smart-technology natural gas detectors Con Edison is installing in homes and businesses are making a dramatic impact in enhancing public safety, the numbers show. The company has installed nearly 34,000 detectors, mostly in Westchester County. Those detectors found 68 serious leaks."
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New Cosmos USA Announces New Leadership and Brand Strategy

"During a time of significant growth for the company, New Cosmos USA, Inc. is pleased to announce Ron Lazarus as the company's new COO. Lazarus joins with over 30 years of experience in the US residential alarm market and will be leading the company's sales, marketing and new product development efforts, which culminate with the launch of its new brand, DeNova Detect."

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Senet and New Cosmos USA, Inc. Partner to Improve Natural Gas Safety

"We are proud to offer the most reliable, nuisance-resistant alarm solution for dangerous residential gas leak explosions, said Ron Lazarus, COO at New Cosmos USA. "The ability to expand our reach with Senet’s carrier-grade network services, built on the open LoRaWAN protocol, is an exciting and cost-effective way for our utility partners to continue modernizing many aspects of the gas delivery system, including early leak detection and alerting for rapid response."

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Itron Announces Western Power as 2020 Innovator Award Winner

"The applications included TCAM’s data logger for water sensing and environmental monitoring, New Cosmos' award-winning natural gas detectors, Rongwen's ambient noise sensor connecting via their 7-pin Networked Lighting Controller and water meter, and Houston Radar’s dynamic lighting solution with peer-to-peer communications. Western Power also connected two smart-enabled streetlights to Itron’s Streetlight Vision (SLV) as part of the Smart Lab."
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First Annual Itron Innovator Award Goes To Con Edison For Its Natural Gas Detector Deployment Program

"Itron, Inc. which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, awarded the first annual Itron Innovator Award to Con Edison for its deployment of natural gas detectors, which were developed in collaboration with New Cosmos USA Inc. using Itron’s Milli™ 5 battery-optimized wireless communications module. The award, which will be presented at Itron Utility Week 2019 in Marco Island, Florida, recognizes an Itron customer for driving excellence in innovation and taking advantage of Itron’s partner enablement programs to deliver value from concept to consumer."
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Con Edison Providing Smart Gas Detectors In Major Breakthrough For Customer Safety

"Con Edison is installing 376,000 smart-technology natural gas detectors for customers in New York City and Westchester County, providing an unprecedented level of protection against potentially dangerous leaks. Con Edison was the first utility in the United States to deploy the technology, a product of New Cosmos, when it began the pilot in Lower Manhattan and several Westchester County communities."
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Itron Wins Second Consecutive Public Safety Solution of the Year Award In 2020

"Through its developer program, Itron co-developed a solution to help mitigate natural gas leaks, preventing devastating damage and enhancing safety for communities around the world. With New York City energy company Con Edison's initiative, Itron and New Cosmos partnered to incorporate Itron's Gen5 communications technology into highly sensitive and reliable natural gas detectors that can now identify gas leaks and send critical alerts via the Itron network used by utilities and cities. This allows quick preventive intervention by gas utilities and emergency crews."
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Itron Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in 2020 American Business Awards®

"Itron was awarded in the Industrial Products & Services category for its battery-powered natural gas detector, which was developed through a collaborative effort between Itron, New Cosmos USA and Con Edison as part of Itron's developer program. The judges lauded the useful, innovative detectors and their plug and play functionality. Con Edison has deployed 9,000 battery-powered natural gas detectors as a part of an initial pilot and plans to deploy them across their service territory. These detectors operate seamlessly on the utility's existing Industrial IoT network from Itron, which includes 3.8 million electric meters and 1.3 million gas modules."
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Itron Utility Week 2019 Achieves Record Attendance and Dynamic Sessions from Utility and Smart City Luminaries

"Itron Utility Week (IUW), concluded with record attendance of more than 1,300 attendees from across the globe. Held Oct. 11-18 in Marco Island, Florida, under the theme of The Power of Community, Itron Utility Week brought together customers, partners, investors and influencers to advance industry dialogue and address energy and water resource management through technology innovation."
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Con Edison Deploys Battery-Powered Natural Gas Detectors on Itron's Network

"Con Edison has started deploying battery-powered natural gas detectors on its smart meter network utilizing Itron’s Industrial IoT network. Con Edison is currently deploying 9,000 detectors as part of an initial pilot developed by New Cosmos with Itron’s Milli™ 5 battery-optimized communications module."

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Smart Natural Gas Alarms & The Game-Changing Safety Initiative

"We are excited to launch the industry’s first battery powered methane detector with wireless communication. As a leading manufacturer of gas detection products, we are proud to be partnering with Con Edison to develop this innovative life safety product."

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Itron and New Cosmos Collaborate to Improve Gas Safety

"New Cosmos' battery-powered methane detectors, which will be deployed by a northeastern utility, are equipped to take advantage of the utility's existing Itron network to provide greater safety to customers. Enabling greater awareness of potential problems in the gas distribution system, the methane detectors can identify gas leaks and communicate to the network remotely from a utility's command center."
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The Dangers Of Natural Gas Explosions & Importance Of A Gas Alarm

Even if natural gas is safe, it is important to understand the risk of house gas explosion. Utility companies offer their customers gas safety tips prior to a winter season every year. They ask the customers to call 911 or the utility's emergency line when the customers smell like a rotten egg or hear gas leaking sounds. However, elderly people or those who suffer from desensitization of the sense of smell or under bad physical conditions, they might have a diminished capability to detect a gas leak.

There is at least potential possibility to leak gas from a gas appliance if the gas appliance is not checked by a professional periodically. To protect your family and your properties, a reliable gas alarm will help to significantly reduce the risk of gas explosions, by providing an early warning and significantly reduces the utility companies' liability by helping to save lives and prevent property damage when the gas alarm is installed in every room in which there is a gas appliance.

Examples Of How Natural Gas Leaks Can Lead To Explosions:

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